Evinoks was founded in 1982 by MSC Engineer Mr. N. Coskun Irfan.

Greatly appreciating aesthetics and innovation in mass-production as well as in exclusive production for its customers and with its avant-gardist approach, today Evinoks possesses one of  the widest range of production in its activity field of hotel and restaurant service equipments. With its wide scale of products including wooden/steel service trolleys, banquet chairs/tables and podiums, hot/cold buffet display units, hotel furniture and hygiene equipments, at present Evinoks is one of the leading companies of the world. Its original product design and newest inventions, which help economize on usage, put Evinoks among the most well-known companies in Turkey and attract the admiration of the other companies around the world.

Preferred by many famous touristic establishments and  hotel groups of the world, Evinoks distinguishes from its competitors with its approach which gives priority to a multi-functional, productive, long-lasting, different, aesthetic, high quality and customer-based innovative lifestyle.

Evinoks has found an exclusive position for itself among its competitors because of its environment-friendly mechanization which protects the nature, mankind and its workers and the otomation-based standardization which the company has adopted. Evinoks has always aimed at its customers’ satisfaction with a strong, experienced general management, proficient  engineering, architecture,
design, production staffs  and  its competitive price policy.